Better Yet, Go Into Debt!

Listen up, consumers
Forget what you’ve been taught
No longer is it trendy
To be happy with your lot!

Your home is not “just right”
You aren’t Goldilocks!
From now on your priority
Is to think out of the box.

Old colors, replace with new
Costume jewels – with real
Linoleum? You’re kidding me…
Marble, what a feel!

Hand-me-downs? Uh-uh, no way
Clothing must be new
Not Target and not Burlington
Designer brands for you

Shoes should cost a fortune
Though your size might even change
Before you pay your credit card
Because of the price range

Vacations must be pricey
And show that you’ve “arrived”
Better yet, go into debt
They’ll think your business thrived

If all this doesn’t boost you high
And give your life a perk
Purchase a car you can’t afford
Drive enemies berzerk

If that is not true happiness
Then buy a boat – a yacht
Or buy a home with acres and
“Be happy with your lot”!

Got more to spend – with credit cards?
Now borrowing – just for food?
Why not buy a large hotel
Ask Trump, it lifts the mood!

Where, oh where , I hear you ask
Is this message going?
Should we – or should we not?
Spend money like it’s flowing?

Dear reader, you’re discerning
And you are wise to question!
So now let us begin to take
A slightly new direction

Money is for spending
And those who have more – lending
But you yourself must have a plan
Or the pull is never-ending

Decide today, the bills you pay
Which ones are really urgent
And let us not equate the need
For diamonds – or detergent!

May I advise, since I have you
Still reading on with rapture?
Work hard, spend less, BUT! Take the fam
Away to greener pasture

Not for too long, that’s frivolous
Not for too short – a tease!
Just long enough to inhale
The Lakewood ocean breeze

Lakewood Kosher Vacation Villas
(Say it three times, fast!)
Will give you the nice get-away
Where the good feeling will last

The cost is within reason
So as you soak up sun
You won’t be busy worrying
How you’ll finance this one!

The family will adore you
Agree that “Dad just rocks!”
A vacation that CAN be “just right”
To re-quote Goldilocks

Lakewood Kosher Vacation Villas
Is the answer to your query
Is there really such a thing as
“Eat, drink and be merry”?

Whatever you do, don’t overpack
Designer bags – forget ‘em
Advertisements make you broke
But only if you let ‘em!

Re-learn the art of simple joys
A comfy bed and pillas
De-stress for less, by joining us
At Lakewood Kosher Vacation Villas!

In fact, we even had a man
Who, after he got home
Decided he no longer was
A guy who had to “own”.

He sold his second SUV
And pawned his stamp collection
Auctioned off his antique clock
Quit bodyguard protection.

Moved his family to a hut
And made them walk to school
Told them “Saving money
Is our family’s new rule”.

He wrote to us that he now saves
Each penny for a booking
At Lakewood Kosher Vacation Villas
For Passover, he’s looking.

Abercrombie said to Fitch
“A customer we’ve lost”
Said Fitch to Abercrombie
“He’s cutting down on cost!”

H&M, he shops by them
And saves himself a bundle
The family sleeps in one big room;
Two bunk beds and a trundle

For him, it’s worth frugality
To scrimp and save – no debt!
And reserve our vacation home
The kind you can’t forget.

His wife and kids are not on board
But that does not concern him
He put them up for sale as well
But please don’t scoff or spurn him.

What happened was, they could not take
The way they were now living
It was substandard, they were right
But in, he was not giving!

Lakewood Kosher Vacation Villas
(Say it three times, fast!)
Will give you the nice get-away
Where the good feeling will last

Some people becomes so obsessed
With our vacation rental
It’s better not to judge the ones
That go completely mental.

And now, the message we impart
Besides a careful budget
Be careful how you advertise —
Not everyone will love it.



To take a trivial example, which of us ever undertakes laborious physical exercise, except to obtain some advantage from it? But who has any right to find fault with a man who chooses to enjoy a pleasure that has no annoying consequences, or one who avoids a pursue pain, but because those who do not know how to pursue pleasure rationally encounter consequences that are extremely painful.