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Once upon a time, there was a family. A large, happy one. A mother father and six adorable children. They had a happy childhood, doing the things that children do – playing, arguing, fighting, and well, just being kids.

They made great memories together. Roadtrips, chickenpox, appointments, family vacations, PTAs, chol hamoed trips, along with the occasional stitches, plaster cast here and there, and spilled drinks.

Well, as time moved on, as it inevitably does, surprise, surprise, up the children grew.

Bar mitzvahs, summer camps, high schools and yeshiva searches, and yes, even rebellious teen streaks, now took the place of middle-of-the-night baby bottles and scary dreams.

Before the parents could even believe it, the oldest was off to seminary.
Then back again. And as time continued its relentless forward march, the children each, one at a time, entered “the parsha,” married, and began building their own Jewish homes.

As their parents had, it probably felt like playing “house” at first for the young couple. And then the cycle began again, with each of the children, now grown, making their parents proud. Bringing the next generation of the family into the world, brought new life to their parents, as they reveled in their new roles as grandparents.

Grandchildren, shalom zachars, brissin, Shabbos kiddushes, Yom Tov meals, birthday gifts, and Chanukah parties brought the growing family together, as the proud grandparents settled into their new role as loving grandparents.

And as time continued its relentless march forward, the parents decided that they wanted to bring the family together again, for a retreat shabbos, to relive some of the fun times with the children and grandchildren.

So they began looking at hotels. But they quickly found their options for kosher venues extremely limited, having to choose between venues with undersized rooms not suitable for their children’s growing families, or places that were the pride of their interior decorators half a century previous – and hadn’t been updated since.

Non-kosher hotels were not a great option either, but as their frustration grew at the lack of available options, it seemed prudent to try. As expected, the accommodations were far from ideal, with Shabbos complications a major factor. Not to mention having to put up all of the catering staff as well for Shabbos, rent additional ballroom space for the meals, and kosher a kitchen, at great expense. All for an even that would be mediocre at best.

So they asked a friend, who mentioned trying one of the major vacation rental sites, like VRBO (vacation rental by owner) and HomeAway. So they looked. But the room layouts were just not suitable for most frum couples, with a single king or queen bed in many of the rooms, effectively cutting most sleeping accommodation counts down by half. The artwork on many walls would also pose a problem.

And then a friend told them about the most amazing family Shabbos they had just had with LakewoodHosts.

Featuring kosher homes, kosher mansions, kosher villas, and kosher vacation rental suites with up to 14 bedrooms, this company was simply made for this niche need of frum families.

Kosher kitchens, enclosed yards, top-of-the-line swingsets, and more gave the family plenty to do, and large dining rooms and convenient kosher kitchens made for the most delicious of Shabbos meals.

The bedroom and bathroom configurations were perfectly set up for multi-generation families, with enough space for all of the marrieds – and their kids. Kosher lamps, luxurious familiar linens.

So Zaidy and Bubby reached out to LakewoodHosts, and were matched with the most wonderful, perfect Lakewood kosher vacation rental, they could have ever imagined.

And…the kids had such a blast reminiscing of road trips, chickenpox, appointments, family vacations, PTAs, chol hamoed trips, along with the occasional stitches, plaster cast here and there, and spilled drinks.

The grandchildren listened raptly as Zaidy and Bubby sipped tea, laughed, and shepped tremendous nachas from all.

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